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[20 Sep 2011 ]
Cabin Wood Stove

Proper maintenance, balanced air flow, and the use of quality wood will ensure the wood stove at the cottage works efficiently and safely. Read the full tip »

[17 Apr 2011 ]
cottage opening checklist

Opening the cottage is the most exciting part of the year. It can also be the most stressful. Read the full tip »

[27 Mar 2011 ]
Spring checklist for boat maintenance.

Basic maintenance in the spring ensures a problem-free boating season.
A boat-maintenance checklist is a good start to keeping the boats clean and in good condition. Read the full tip »

[24 Mar 2011 ]
smallmouth bass

Smallmouth and largemouth bass may be the most exciting fish to catch in the lakes and rivers of cottage country.  Read the full tip »

[20 Mar 2011 ]
Old Snow Shoes

Decorating the cottage may be the most enjoyable part of having a house on a lake.
Here are some unique ideas that will help you spruce up the old cabin without spending too much money. Read the full tip »

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Get Rid of Forest Tent Caterpillars

[31 May 2016 ]

forest tent caterpillars on aspen tree Forest Tent Caterpillars appear in massive outbreaks every 8-12 years and the infestations can run for two or three seasons. Read the full tip »

Maintenance »

How to sharpen a knife

[7 Feb 2016 ]
how to sharpen a knife

Knowing how to sharpen a pocket knife, fillet knife, or kitchen knife is an important skill to have at the cabin. Here are the knife-sharpening basics to get you started. Read the full tip »

Around The Property »

How to Pick Wild Mushrooms

[5 Feb 2016 ]
How to pick wild mushrooms

Wild mushrooms have fascinated mankind for ages, and the revered fungi are now making a big splash at the lake. In fact, mushroom picking is threatening to bump the beloved blueberry off the top of the family foraging list. Read the full tip »

Around The Property »

How to Get Rid of Beavers

[10 Jul 2014 ]
Beaver Eats Jack Pine at Cottage

Here are some great tips on how to stop beavers from harvesting the trees on your cottage property. Read the full tip »

At Your Leisure »

Photographing Shore Birds

[9 Jul 2014 ]
Heron and Loon

Taking pictures of shore birds can be a challenge at the cottage. Here are some photo tips to help you get the best shots. Read the full tip »

In The Woods »

Facts about carpenter ants

[24 Jun 2014 ]
Carpenter Ant at Cottage

Carpenter ants are destructive at the cabin and can ruin the entire building. Here are the top tips on how to control and get rid of carpenter ants at the cottage. Read the full tip »

In The Woods »

How to get rid of mosquitoes

[23 Jun 2014 ]
Mosquito bite in Canada.

Mosquito numbers in the yard can be controlled and bites can be avoided by following a few simple tricks at the cabin. Read the full tip »

On The Water »

How to winterize a boat

[23 Jun 2014 ]
Winterizing a boat.

Here is a checklist to help ensure the cottage boat is properly prepared for the winter and is ready to go in the spring. Read the full tip »

On The Water »

How to get stains out of the boat

[17 Jun 2014 ]
Boat carpet cleaning kit.

Coffee, fish blood, mink poop and bird droppings all find their way onto the boat carpet. Here are the top tips to get stains out of the carpet in the cottage boat. Read the full tip »

Around The Property »

Facts about dock spiders

[11 Jun 2014 ]
dock spider (fishing spider ) with egg sac

Dock spiders or “fishing” spiders are a big part of the cottage experience in Canada and the U.S. Here are some facts about these amazing cabin residents. Read the full tip »