Cottage and Cabin Gift Ideas

16 Nov 2011 Cool Stuff

Are you looking for the perfect gifts for cabin owners?
Top cottage gifts for 2017. Finding a good cottage gift for your cottage host can be a frustrating task. If you have been invited to a cabin, you want to bring a practical gift that is both unique and memorable for the owner. For a first-time guest going to visit a cottage it is often difficult to pick a good present for the host because you just don’t know what your friends already have at the cabin. Read the full article »

What Just Washed Up on Shore?

10 Feb 2017 Cool Stuff

Stuff that washed up on shoreWalking the shoreline after water levels drop can turn up some interesting finds. Read the full article »

Cottage Country Show 2017

19 Jan 2017 Cool Stuff

The Cottage Country Show Winnipeg

Cottage Tips editor Andrew Walker is presenting at The Cottage Country Show in Winnipeg. Read the full article »

Beginner Fishing Gear for Ladies

Girls often out fish the boys when they decide to get serious about catching dinner at the cottage. Read the full article »

Pike Fishing Essentials

Big Northern Pike Northern pike, otherwise known as jackfish, are very aggressive predators and can grow to be larger than 40 inches in many U.S. and Canadian lakes and rivers. Read the full article »

Winter activities at the cottage

17 Dec 2016 Cool Stuff

Winter is a great time of year to head out to the cabin and enjoy some different activities at the lake. Read the full article »

Nature’s Amazing Art

17 Dec 2016 Wildlife Stories

A walk in the woods or along the shoreline often turns up some of nature’s most fascinating artistic creations. Read the full article »

Father’s Day gifts for a Cottage Dad

15 Jun 2016 Cool Stuff

Dad keeps the lake property in good condition and ensures all the essential equipment is running smoothly. Read the full article »

5 ways to reduce food expenses

10 Mar 2016 Cottage Meals

Cottage food expenses can get out of control very quickly if we don’t set a budget and stick to it. Read the full article »

10 tips to minimize cottage trash

9 Mar 2016 Cottage Meals

Garbage is always a problem at the cottage, but there are ways to keep the trash under control. Read the full article »

How to identify a sauger

10 Feb 2016 Wildlife Stories

how to identify a saugerWalleye anglers sometimes catch an odd-looking fish that resembles a walleye but is covered in dark blotches. Read the full article »