Hummingbird Photography

7 November 2013 At Your Leisure
Perfect Hummingbird Photo

Taking the perfect picture of a hummingbird requires a bit of strategy, a touch of know-how, and a ton of patience.
Fortunately, hummingbirds are not shy and will stay near the cottage for the entire summer.

How to photograph hummingbirds

Feeder Location
Place the hummingbird feeder near the deck.  This gives you a stable location to set up the tripod close to the feeder.

Tripod Use
Taking photos of hummingbirds at the cottage is a perfect opportunity to use the old tripod. Shaky hands will ruin the photo if you try to shoot without the tripod.

Remote Control
Use a remote control to take the picture.  Avoiding the small camera movement caused by pressing your finger on the shutter-release button can be the difference between a perfect picture and another file for the garbage bin.

Burst Mode
Take hundreds of shots. The beauty of the digital SLR camera is the ability to take endless photos in search of the perfect one.  Burst away!

Shutter Speed
Adjust the shutter speed. The auto setting is usually not fast enough. Gradually increase the shutter speed until you get the shot you want. Remember to balance the exposure with the corresponding changes to your aperture and ISO settings.

Photo: Andrew S. Walker