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Boat Buying Advice

how to buy a used boat

Buying a used boat, motor, and trailer requires extensive research and some careful planning. While most sellers are honest, it is important to protect yourself and ensure the transaction goes smoothly. Read the full tip »


Boat Maintenance in Spring

Spring checklist for boat maintenance.

Basic maintenance in the spring ensures a problem-free boating season.
A boat-maintenance checklist is a good start to keeping the boats clean and in good condition. Read the full tip »


Wildlife Problems and Solutions


Raccoons, porcupines, beavers, mice, deer, bats, and bears can make life at the cottage a bit more challenging and sometimes even dangerous. Read the full tip »

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Popular Tips


8 Tips to Store Firewood

[15 Nov 2020 ]

firewood storage tips

Proper storage is essential for ensuring a supply of good quality firewood. You spend a lot of time and energy to cut the wood, so it makes sense to try to keep it in good condition for as long as possible. Read the full tip »

On The Water »

Boat Motor Won’t Start: Top Tips to Find out Why and Fix the Problem

[30 Oct 2020 ]

boat motor won't start

What do you do when the boat motor won’t start?

Boat motors have a lot of parts but there are a few simple things to check when trouble first arises.  Most of the time you can solve a basic issue yourself and avoid the inconvenience and expenses of taking the motor to a repair shop. Read the full tip »

On The Water »

10 Steps to Winterize the Boat Motor

[29 Oct 2020 ]

how to winterize a boat motor

Winterizing the boat motor is easy and shouldn’t take much time. In addition, proper boat motor maintenance in the fall will make sure the boat engine is ready to go first thing in the spring. Read the full tip »

In The Woods »

Firewood Tips: How to Split Wood

[28 Oct 2020 ]

how to split wood with an axe

Knowing how to properly split wood with an axe saves time, energy, and frustration at the cottage. A few simple tricks can make the difference between a productive afternoon of chopping wood and one that leaves you wishing you had a wood splitter. Read the full tip »

On The Water »

Boat Trailer Checklist: 10 Essential Tips to Avoid Trailer Trouble

[13 Oct 2020 ]

Boat Trailer checklist

The boat trailer spends most of its life sitting in a field or stuck beside the house. Working through a quick checklist ensures the trailer is in good condition before we need to hit the road. Read the full tip »

In The Cottage »

How to Update Old Furniture at the Cottage

[30 Sep 2020 ]

How to restore old furniture

Chairs and sofas take a beating at the cottage and often need a bit of care, or even a full-blown restoration. How can you give the cottage furniture a new look without spending too much money? Read the full tip »

Maintenance »

Closing Tip: How to Winterize the Outdoor Equipment

[15 Sep 2020 ]

lawnmower maintenance

The cottage lawnmower, chainsaw, trimmer and other maintenance equipment often get neglected during the rush to close the cottage for the winter. Read the full tip »

Maintenance »

Closing Tip: How to Drain the Hot Water Tank

[11 Sep 2020 ]

cottage water tank

Draining the cottage hot water is an essential step when closing the cabin for the winter. Winterizing the water tank properly will help avoid a nasty surprise when you open the cottage next spring. Read the full tip »

Around The Property »

How to Tell if a Tree is Dying

[16 Jun 2018 ]

tree with rotten trunk

Early detection of a sick tree near the cottage can prevent a disaster down the road. Read the full tip »

Maintenance »

Removing Moss from The Roof

[26 May 2018 ]

how to remove moss on roof

Is moss growing on your cottage roof? Here are a few tips to remove the moss from the shingles, and some useful tricks to help keep roof moss from coming back. Read the full tip »