At Home in the Outhouse

6 Jun 2011 Wildlife Stories

While sitting on the cabin throne one morning, I noticed a number of nature’s critters had comfortably taken up residence in the outhouse.

A quick scan of the shack revealed seven spiders, a tree frog, and evidence of a gathering of mice.

How did they get there?

The door became slightly offset last winter, leaving a small gap at the top and bottom. I haven’t gotten around to fixing it yet.

My first inclination was to clean the intruders all out, which is what I normally do, but as I finished my business I decided that their presence causes me little inconvenience. And so, for the time being, I left things, more or less, as I found them.

I won’t have any visitors at the cabin for a few more weeks so I will leave the outhouse gang alone until my guests arrive. At that point I will have to evict the squatters, although they may disagree as to who really has the right to squat.

Special Cottage Tip:
Always check the seat and the paper roll for unsuspecting inhabitants. This will avoid a stressful encounter for both you and the critters.

Go to the Outhouse Maintenance Tips page.

Written by: Andrew Walker


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