Oh, Deer!

Deer Beside Road

While residents in Northwestern Ontario continue to put pressure on local authorities and the MNR to cull the urban deer population, motorists in Michigan appear to have their own way of keeping the number of deer under control.

I counted no less than 17 dead deer on the side of the highway during our trip up to the cabin on Monday. I suspect the body shop guys will be busy.

Early morning, and the hour just after sunset are especially dangerous times for drivers and deer. As eager as we are to get to the cottage, or to arrive home at the end of the weekend, it is always a good idea to slow things down a bit in areas where the deer tend to play chicken with cars and trucks.

Aside from the obvious risks of injury to passengers, the cost and inconvenience of repairing the vehicle should be ample motivation to take our time on the road.

Consider waiting until the fog lifts before hitting the highway in the morning when commuting to the cottage. On the way back to the city, try to get a head start on the traffic and plan to arrive home before dusk.

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Written and photographed by: Andrew Walker



  • Goldilocks said:

    being from the country, you get used to deer darting across the highway at dusk and you are usually prepared because you know where to expect them.  however, i don’t know if it’s just me, but in the past 2 years the deer seem to be much more prevalent and certainly much braver than in the past.  once you get a little bit off the highway the deer seem to be getting used to the traffic and in a five minute span i have seen anywhere between 4 and 8 deer.  while they seem to be minding their own business, a few have taken off in an unexpected direction and caused me to slam on the brakes.  and this has been happening more and more during the day as well.  has anyone else been finding this?  and does anyone know why the deer seem to be around more?

  • Pam Storozuk said:

    I wonder why a white tail deer appears in a fenced backyard in the middle of a large subdivision in the city. This is what our friend Sam saw a few weeks ago while enjoying early morning coffee on his deck.