Grandpa’s Lures

Grandpa's Fishing Lures

Here is a picture of the contents of Grandpa’s Tackle Box. Some of the lures are in pretty rough shape.

A few rusty hooks, sinkers and bobbers have been removed but the photo shows the lures and knives that he used.

I am going to buy some new rings and hooks and try to get some of the rust off the shiny stuff but we are just about ready to go.

Old Fishing Lures

I have chosen 10 of the lures to use for the summer project. They are listed from left to right.
Special Note: (I initially chose the 11 in the photo but am now excluding the orange one which my father claims was not part of Grandpa’s arsenal and somehow found its way into the box.)

As I give the reports of how many fish each lure catches, I will show an individual photo of the lure and hopefully a picture of one of the fish I have hooked using it.

1. Williams 60 silver spoon.
2. Brooks Reefer grey plastic lure with a jointed tail.
3. Canadian Wiggler that looks like it was originally bronze.
4. Original Floating Rapala – Black and silver with red paint added to the bottom.
5. Heddon Tiny Tad – Black with white stripes.
6. Heddon Sonic – Black with a white lightning bolt.
7. Jitterbug (Fred Arbogast) – White body with red head and jointed.
8. AM-BASS-ER spoon – Silver with a metal fish in the middle.
9. Lucky Strike – Wooden plug painted in perch colours. (The name isn’t on the lure so this one is just a guess)
10. Unknown – Silver wooden top water lure with two propellers.

Written and photographed by: Andrew Walker

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