Mouse Kabab

2 Jun 2011 Wildlife Stories

Mother Nature was kind to the cabin this winter. We arrived, as always, in the wind and rain to find things pretty much as we left them in October.

The mice seem to have had a comfortable winter also. They always do, no matter what we try to dissuade them. I just wish they would clean up after themselves before we arrive.  If we leave miniature brooms and dust pans out do you think they will get the hint?

This is probably wishful thinking. As many of you know, it is tough enough to get the human guests to do this.

Anyway, we managed to get the essential chores done and then eagerly hooked up the propane tank to the gas line that leads to our little counter top gas stove.  Suddenly, as we fired up the middle burner to warm our soup for dinner, a mouse came flying out of the right side burner!

I thought I caught a whiff of singed hair, but that may have been my imagination.

It goes without saying that we dug out the old mouse traps, added our bit of peanut butter and set two of the traps inside and three outside for the night.

In the morning, I found two victims in the outside traps. Neither one had a bald spot.

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Written by: Andrew Walker


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  • Pam said:

    That is soooo funny.  Can picture in my head the mice with miniature brooms & dustpans. It must be a sad day for Mickey & Minnie when you return to claim their cottage.