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16 Nov 2011 Cool Stuff

Are you looking for the perfect gifts for cabin owners?
Top cottage gifts for 2020. Finding a good cottage gift for your cottage host can be a frustrating task. If you have been invited to a cabin, you want to bring a practical gift that is both unique and memorable for the owner. For a first-time guest going to visit a cottage it is often difficult to pick a good present for the host because you just don’t know what your friends already have at the cabin.

Here are some budget-friendly and thoughtful online presents for cottagers in 2020. Take a few moments and browse through the cabin gift suggestions listed below. Some are special offerings you can bring as a cottage guest and others make great cottage gifts for friends and family on birthdays, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Graduation or for Christmas.

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Journals and Guest Books for the cabin
A journal or personalized guest book is a fantastic gift idea for new and seasoned cottage owners. Some of our most memorable life experiences occur at the cabin. Sitting by the fire and reading through the years of journal entries by guests, friends and family brings back all the great memories of the time we have spent together at the lake.

Boot, shoe and glove dryer
Boots and shoes always get wet at the cabin. Here is a great gift that will make sure Mom, Dad, Grandma, Grandpa and the kids always have dry feet in the morning.

Cabin sign
Grandpa built the cabin with his own bare hands and Grandma made it the cozy place we all know and love. A sign makes a great cottage gift to remind them how much we appreciate the little place in the woods.

Welcome mat or rug
A warm welcome mat is a great ways to remind cabin owners and guests that they have finally arrived in paradise. Forget the city! It is time to relax and enjoy the lake.

Cottage clock
A stylish cabin clock is a practical gift that adds to the decor of the cottage and keeps everyone on time for happy hour.

Cast iron key keeper
A cast iron turtle makes a fantastic addition to the cottage indoor or outdoor decor and also serves as a great place to hide the spare key!

Birch candle holders
Attractive and handy, birch candle holders suit every cottage or guest cabin.

Relaxing at the lake
A great way to relax at the lake is to kick back and read the latest popular novel in a comfortable hammock.

Every cottage needs a good hammock and if you want to get romantic, go for one that has capacity for two people. An easy-to-store hammock is a great gift to take when you visit your friends at the cabin this summer. This is also a perfect cottage gift idea for Mom at Christmas or on Mother’s Day.

Colouring book for adults
The lake is all about relieving stress. Grab the pencil crayons and lose yourself for hours in one of the activities you always loved as a care-free kid.

Binoculars and a book of birds
Powerful waterproof binoculars come in handy for a variety of situations at the cabin. The most popular use is for watching the birds and wildlife around the cabin, but they also help with security, such as identifying an unknown boat or visitor at a neighbour’s property.

Voice activated news, music, weather, calendar, audiobook, etc!!!
Imagine going about the chores at the cabin and being able to get the weather report, find out the sports scores, listen to some tunes, and update your shopping list all with one voice command from anywhere in the cabin!

If you have internet at the lake, you have to check this thing out.

Wildlife drink coasters
Practical and add to the cottage decor. Cabin-themed coasters are perfect gifts for cottager friends who love to entertain. They are well suited for the gazebo, veranda or cottage bar.

Dinner bell
A dinner bell is a cool gift for any cottage owner who entertains family and friends on a regular basis. Whether sitting on the dock, working in the tool shed or exploring the woods, the family is always spread out all over the property. Using the dinner bell is a clever way to save your voice when you need to round up the gang at meal times.

Mariner cheese board and boat salad bowl
How often do you find a unique gift that is both decorative and useful? A stylish mariner cheese board and boat salad bowl are perfect for cottage owners who love to entertain.

Aluminum can crusher or cap remover
Many cottages have a “cans only” policy. Here is a popular device that is easy to install and speeds up the process of crushing all the cans at the end of the cottage weekend. If bottles are allowed, a cabin-themed cap remover is handy.

Wine bottle holder
A wildlife-themed wine bottle holder certainly makes a practical cabin gift and serves as an interesting conversation item when friends visit.

Toilet paper holder
Spruce up the cottage bathroom or cabin outhouse with a new toilet paper holder. These make great “cheeky” conversation-piece gifts and are also very useful.

Toilet care
A wonderful little invention that seems to solve a common problem in the cottage and guest cabin.

Cabin jigsaw puzzles
A great activity for grandma, grandpa, and the kids to enjoy during those rainy afternoons at the lake. Once the puzzle is done you can frame it and hang it on the wall.

Cooler backpack and wireless waterproof sound system
If you want to impress your cottage hosts with thoughtful gifts, these two will do the trick and they are very affordable.
A cooler backpack is practical for easy transport of food and refreshments to a water-access cottage. A rugged wireless sound system is the ideal cabin solution when playing outdoor games, sitting on the dock, or having a picnic on the local islands.

Picnic backpack and folding cooler
You might want to head off in the boat or canoe and find a nice quiet island for a shore lunch. A picnic backpack is an ideal gift for the cottage. Choose the romantic kit for two or the family kit for four. The folding cooler is a great choice for space-challenged campers and cottagers.

If you want to surprise your hosts with something special, a set of Waterproof Two-Way Radios will do the trick.
When the gang is down on the dock, the Walkee Talkees are a great way to check if someone needs a refill. The neighbours will also appreciate not having to listen to the family yell at each other all summer.
This is also a clever gift choice for every cottage Mom who has a property at the lake and wants to stay in touch with the kids or a puttering husband.

Water-proof phone case and solar phone charger
A waterproof phone case and a rain-resistant solar charger are smart gifts for cottage guests, renters, and owners. The case is great for use on the dock or boat, and the charger is perfect for off-grid properties.

Waterproof solar radio with built-in light and phone charger
This little gadget is great for the cottage. The unit is solar powered but also comes with a hand crank and a USB connection to ensure you always have power. It’s a perfect gift for use at a remote cabin or on canoe trips.

Barometer or cottage weather station
A barometer is ideal for monitoring the changing weather conditions in real time when you are at the cottage. It not only serves a practical function, it is also a great gift idea for decorating the cottage because it is a fantastic conversation piece.

You can also go hi-tech with a very affordable cottage weather station. Sometimes the weather at the lake is a lot different than the forecast you hear on the radio. Now you can get accurate updates right from the cottage before you leave the house in the city!

Portable hand-held depth finder
This handy device gives you instant water depth off the dock, below the boat, or even through the ice.

Knife and tool sharpener for a cottage Dad or Grandpa
Knives, shovels, axes, and even fish hooks can can get dull very quickly at the cabin. Here’s a great gift to help your cottage handyman keep all the tools and equipment blades sharp without having to haul them back to the city.

Firewood gear
This fire bowl is great for an evening gathering beside the lake. It makes the cleanup easy and protects your shoreline rocks from cracking under the intense heat of a traditional bonfire.

Check out this Firewood Rack and heavy-duty dump cart. It’s time to give the back a break and let the toys do the work. These are great gift ideas for a cottager boyfriend, father, grandfather or husband on his birthday. They are also ideal for Christmas or even Father’s Day.

Kindling splitter
Tired of searching through the woods looking for sticks, or risking a finger when trying to split kindling? These handy devices solves the problem.

Wood bellows
It’s important to get the fire going quickly on those cold cottage mornings. This wood bellows is both useful and stylish, adding to any cabin decor.

Multi-function wheelbarrow and dolly combo
This contraption is ideal for cottage and cabin owners. The front part of the barrow folds out to become a dolly that can be used for hauling heavy loads up the dock. You can also use straps to move rocks, logs, or trees. Definitely worth checking out!

Compost bin
Every cottage should have a sturdy compost bin. Carrying vegetable waste back to the city is a nuisance and dumping food scraps in the woods attracts unwanted visitors.

Laser measure
Are you planing to build a new dock, deck, outhouse, or gazebo at the cottage? If your favourite cottage Dad or Grandpa is a regular cabin handyman, this little device is a great gift for Father’s day. The time saved by using the laser instead of the old tape measure can be the difference between getting a project done in a weekend and having to wait for the next trip to the lake.

Magnetic wrist band
Nuts, bolts, and nails always fall in the water, grass, or between the deck boards at the cottage. This simple little invention is a perfect accessory for a DIY cabin owner.

Pocket knife and whittling book
Every cottage owner needs a good pocket knife. This “old timer” whittling knife is a classic and a great pick for a Dad or Grandpa who likes to sit on the deck and whittle in his spare time.

Metal detector for the cottage
A metal detector is a unique and extremely useful cottage gift. Lost keys, bolts and bracelets are common at the cabin.

Popular games for the cabin in 2018
Games are a traditional part of every cottage experience. Here is a giant tumbler game for outdoor fun.

Top Cabin Games is our full list with detailed profiles of the most popular group games being played at cabins these days.

Fishing knots and boating knots
Does your favourite cottager have a tough time remembering how to tie all those important fishing or boating knots?
Here are some handy waterproof Knot-Cards that fit nicely in the tackle box or glove box of the boat. Why not make them stocking stuffers?

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Gift Baskets for Cottage Owners
A cottage gift basket can be filled with fun things, practical things or both. If you have the time and imagination, you can make one up yourself.

What should you put in a cottage gift basket?
Practical items are always appreciated. Insect repellents and citronella sticks, sun block, organic soaps, air fresheners, batteries, fishing lures, puzzle books and magazines are always in need and will be put to quick use. Even toilet paper and tissues are good gift basket items for a cottage.

If your favourite cottager is a hunter, angler or just likes cabin snacks and goodies, a food-and-fun gift basket for the cottage or cabin is a great idea.

We hope these ideas help you find the perfect gifts for your cottage, cabin or cottager family and friends.

Please put this page in your favourites list. We are always finding and adding new and unique cottage gifts.

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