Ice fishing clothes, safety gear

Proper clothes and a simple safety kit are the key to a successful and comfortable day of ice fishing. The best way to avoid trouble is to have ice fishing gear that keeps you warm, safe and able to survive an emergency.

Ice Fishing Safety Gear

Falling through the ice is every ice fisherman’s nightmare. Here is some safety gear you should have if you are going to become a serious ice fishing angler.

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Floating Rescue Rope and Ice Picks
This simple kit could save your life.

Ice Fishing Clothing

Clothing is the most important part of ice fishing. Winter weather conditions and temperatures on the lake can change rapidly.

Ice Fishing Suit

Gloves and hand warmers

Wear thermal underwear as the first layer and then add wool or flannel followed by a water-proof winter coat.

Dry Clothes
Pack a change of clothes. In the event that you get wet you will have something warm and dry to wear home.

Wool Hat
A wool or neoprene hat is essential to minimize critical heat loss and protect your ears.

Sun Glasses
The reflection of the sun off the snow and ice can be very harmful to your eyes. Good sun glasses are important.

Sun Protection
Wear high level sunblock on all parts of your body that may be exposed to the sun and wind.
Cheeks, lips, nose and ears are all at risk.
Frost bite and sun burn make a bad combination.

Waterproof Boots
Insulated waterproof winter boots are essential for spending a day on the ice.
Do not tie your boots too tightly. It is important to keep blood circulating freely.
Frost bite can occur quickly so don’t take risks with your footwear.

Wool socks are your best choice.

Mittens are generally better than gloves with fingers.

Face masks and scarves are great for protecting against frostbite.

Hand Warmers and Feet Warmers are probably your best ice fishing clothing investments.

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