Bear Attacks Young Girl

12 Dec 2013 Wildlife Stories

Black BearThe hunter became the hunted this week when a black bear attacked an 18-year-old girl while she was hunting deer.

Girl Survives Bear Attack

Last Monday, Camille Bomboy thought she was going on a routine hunting trip with her step-father, Mike Courter, and two friends to the family’s 400-acre farm near Mill Hall, Pennsylvania. The trip turned out to be the most frightening experience of her life.

While walking through the bush looking to scare up some deer, Courter encountered a mother bear and its three cubs. His presence startled the 300-pound bear and the animal headed the other way, unknowingly driving the cubs directly towards Bomboy.

Courter realized the danger and called out to warn Bomboy the bears were headed her way. Moments later, he heard her screaming.

As the mother bear attacked and mauled the young girl, her step-father fired a shot hoping to scare the animal off. The noise distracted the bear long enough for Bomboy, covered in blood from her injuries, to escape and run towards Courter. The animal pursued Bomboy as she fled, but Courter shot it – just 10 feet before the bear caught the girl.

The bear then ran back into the bush.

Bomboy managed to walk back to the farmhouse before being rushed to the hospital by her mother. Physicians treated the girl for bite and claw wounds to her ear, head and arms.

The freshman student at Lock Haven University had expected to write her exams this week, but will have to postpone them while she recovers at home from the injuries.


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