Ontario Walleye Season 2014

Walleye season in OntarioThe Ontario walleye fishing season is eagerly anticipated every spring. Ontario’s slot sizes for walleye are determined annually for each fishing zone and catch-and-keep limits for pickerel (walleye) can vary widely.

Walleye Fishing in Ontario – Quick Facts

The 2014 Ontario fishing season for walleye (pickerel) runs from Jan. 1 to Mar. 14 and then opens again from May 17 to Dec. 31.

Fishing Zones
Ontario has 20 fishing zones. Walleye anglers should check the limit regulations carefully as the catch-and-keep rules will vary from one zone to the next and from year-to-year.

Zone Exceptions
Each zone also has clearly defined exceptions for certain bodies of water within the zone. These pertain to limits, slot-sizes, barbless hooks and the use of organic bait. They also outline gear restrictions.

Using lead sinkers and lead jig heads is illegal in National Parks.

A fishing licence in Ontario consists of two parts: an outdoors card and a licence tag.

The outdoor card is not required for a one-day licence.

Ontario has different fishing licences for Ontario residents, Canadian residents who live outside of Ontario and non-Canadian residents.

The licences are also categorized as sport or conservation. The differences determine the number of fish the angler is allowed to catch and possess each day.

Canadian residents under the age of 18 or over 65 do not have to purchase a licence and are subject to the sport licence rules.

All non-Canadian residents must purchase an Ontario fishing licence.

Ontario Fishing Licence Fees 2014
Ontario resident fishing licence fees and term options.
Canadian resident fishing licence fees and term options.
Non-Canadian resident fishing licence fees and term options.

Ontario Fishing Regulations
Ontario has rules and regulations for each fish species. The Ontario season and limit rules are defined for all fish including favourites such as walleye, bass, pike, perch, muskie, crappies, trout and salmon.

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