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5 Jul 2014 Cottage Meals

top cottage breakfast

Serving breakfast to big groups at the cottage can be a real hassle. Here is a simple, tasty and efficient way to feed the family and guests on a weekend at the cabin.

Cottage Breakfast: English muffins with eggs, cheese and ham

How do you serve breakfast to a large group of people at the cottage?

They get up at different times, they are picky about their food and they want to be mobile. Some want to eat on the dock, some want to eat in front of the TV, some want to eat in the gazebo and others want to eat in the boat.

The best way to feed a big family on a cottage morning is to serve english muffins and top them off with whatever the guests want. The classic recipe is with eggs, cheese and ham.

Anyone can be the cook and we can set-up an efficient assembly line. We can also give guests the option to go with a fully-loaded english muffin, or just one with a bit of jam.

This top cottage breakfast idea is also flexible. People can get up and eat as they like. It goes great with coffee, juice or milk and is perfect for kids and adults alike.

Normally, this is the preferred breakfast plan for a Saturday or Sunday morning after the big cottage party.

The meal produces little rubbish and the cleanup is minimal, which is very helpful on a Sunday when we are trying to get everyone organized to head back to the city.

The Ingredients You Need

English muffins
Cheddar cheese
Sliced ham (or any variation you choose to serve)
Butter or margarine
Jam, peanut butter (for the guests who aren’t into eggs and ham)

The Breakfast Gear You Need

Frying pan or griddle

This is also a useful breakfast idea when you want to get out on the lake quickly but still want to eat something that is high-energy and filling. A fishing weekend with the boys is a perfect example.

A reversible cast-iron griddle is helpful when we have a lot of guests at the cabin.

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