5 Great Cottage Gifts for Mom

6 Dec 2014 Cool Stuff

Mom works hard to keep the family safe and healthy at the cottage. Here are a few great holiday gift ideas to show your mother how much you appreciate her efforts.

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Yoga kit
The cabin is the perfect place for Mom to relax and practice a bit of yoga. This yoga kit comes in a variety of colours and is perfect for maximizing zen time at the lake.

Floating lounger or island
This is a great gift for a cottage Mom who likes to catch a few rays or simply drift away and read a book.

E-book reader
Carrying a big box of paperbacks to the cabin is no longer necessary. Why not treat Mom to a new e-book reader? It goes great with a hammock!

Outdoor bottle and glass holders
Here is a great kit to hold the wine bottle and glass while Mom relaxes in the cottage hammock and reads the latest novel. It’s a simple idea but perfect for avoiding a spill when you don’t feel like carrying a table outside.

Solar-powered wireless sound system
Mom loves to listen to music on the cottage deck or dock. This unique gift connects to any bluetooth-enabled device and even has a USB to charge the smartphone. Isn’t that cool?

Mom doesn’t always get the credit she deserves for keeping the cottage running smoothly. A lot of time and effort goes into planning the weekend trips, and it takes a special person to ensure everyone from friends to the family pet have the essentials they need to enjoy their stay at the cabin.

We think she deserves a treat. Don’t you?

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