9 Great Cottage Gifts for Dad

5 Dec 2014 Cool Stuff

Looking to give your favourite cottage Dad a special gift this year? These practical items are great gift ideas to buy for an active father or grandfather at the cabin.

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Nylon waders come in handy all the time at the cabin. Sometimes Dad or Grandpa has to go into the water to fix the dock or the water line. During the cottage-opening, or cottage-closing weekend this is a cold job. In the summer, it can be uncomfortable too, as the water is often full of leeches.

Once in a while, Dad also has to rescue a fishing lure stuck on a shallow rock or log. Waders have sturdy boots and make it easier to retrieve the expensive fishing gear.

Spring fishing is becoming more popular, but it can be chilly. Being able to wade a few feet into the lake might just mean enough extra casting distance to put a nice walleye meal on the table.

Floating Fishing Tube

An inflatable tube for fishing may be the perfect gift for Dad to catch bass at the lake. This handy unit has all the amenities to allow your father to float around in the bay at his leisure and catch some dinner at the same time.

Cordless power drill

Cabin repairs are never-ending chores. Having a power drill dedicated to the cottage means Dad has one less thing to remember when packing the gear to take to the lake. How often has he forgotten the tools in the city?

Laser measuring device

This is the ideal gadget for a cottage handyman. If he’s building a new bunkie, tool shed, or trying to figure out the height of a tree, Dad can use this laser to calculate distances and angles quickly and accurately. It’s time to retire the old tape measure.


Whether you are into watching the eagles, deer, song birds, or bears, a pair of quality binoculars can keep Dad busy for hours at the cabin. It is also a great way to see what’s going on further down the lake without having to go and chat with the neighbours.


Star gazing is at its best at the cottage. A telescope is the perfect holiday gift for Dad or Grandpa. It’s also a great way for the whole family to learn about our solar system.

Power Washer

Blasting spiders, fish flies, and dirt off the cottage or knocking caterpillars off the tree is easy with a power washer. It also makes cleaning the deck or dock a lot easier when we are preparing to add a new coat of paint. At the end of the season, a power washer also comes in handy for cleaning all the grime off the bottom of the boat.

Chainsaw Chaps

Keeping Dad safe at the cabin is everyone’s job. Chainsaw chaps help make sure he is well protected when cutting firewood for the wood stove or cleaning up a fallen tree at the cabin. A helmet and hearing protectors are also essential. Dad already pretends he can’t hear sometimes – we don’t want him to have another excuse.


This gadget is great for getting a look at the cottage property from the point of view the birds enjoy.

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