Wildflowers at the Cottage

Wild RoseThe arrival of wildflowers at the lake is one of cottage country’s greatest presents. And the best part of all? They’re completely wild!

Wildflower wonders

It always amazes me when the wildflowers start to make their appearance around the cottage.

Some are predictable and arrive at the same location every year. Others spring up in completely new spots, adding sprinkles of colour and character to the yard, shoreline, or the depths of the forest.

Delicate ones last but a few days, while the hardier types hang around for a month or two, as long as they survive the onslaught of deer and groundhogs.

The greatest thing about wildflowers is their truly free nature. They require no attention – no fertilizer, weeding, watering, pinching, or pruning. In fact, they demand no maintenance at all but provide cottagers and insects alike with hours of viewing pleasure or essential nutrition without ever demanding the slightest bit of care.

How to photograph wildflowers

Getting good wildflower shots can be a challenge. Light conditions, wind bursts, and swarms of insects all combine to test the mettle of even the most ardent cottage photographer. But in the end, the results are worth the effort.

Take a moment to check out our wildflower photography tips page to get a few helpful tips on how to produce wonderful and timeless portraits of natures finest beauties.


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