Nature’s Amazing Art

17 Dec 2016 Wildlife Stories

A walk in the woods or along the shoreline often turns up some of nature’s most fascinating artistic creations.

They can come in the form of an image on a log, a scene staged by some of nature’s finest actors, or a moment of beauty in the cycle of life.

Sometimes we have to let our imagination fill in the gaps to see the beauty of the situation, and other times the image is so striking that anyone can recognize it right away.

Here are some of nature’s artistic designs that caught my eye this year.

Woodpecker flute

woodpecker flute

When I saw this log, the image of giant flute jumped out at me. The pileated woodpeckers are truly the artisans of the forest, often announcing their presence with a bellowing rat-a-tat-tat that is unmistakable in cottage country.

Dandelion star

dandelion star

Dandelions are rarely viewed in any special way, but this one somehow caught my eye, representing a brilliant star. Dandelions make a mess of the cottage lawn, but I now have a new respect for this common weed.

Wild Shoreline

wildflowers on the shoreline Many cottage owners cut the lawn of their property right to the shoreline. I have always let mine grow wild, and this picture is an example of the beauty nature can create when given a chance to work its artistic magic.

Guardian of the woods

natures guardian

I noticed this curious figure while walking along a trail through the wood early in the season.

The legs are the remnants of a tree root that emerged out of the rocks. The eye, nose, and grin of this guardian of the woods appear to be the work of father time.

Sometimes you have to really stretch your imagination to see an image in a tree stump. This wasn’t one of those occasions. The features absolutely blew me away.

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