Winter activities at the cottage

17 Dec 2016 Cool Stuff

Winter is a great time of year to head out to the cabin and enjoy some different activities at the lake.

Top winter activities at the cottage

Cottage owners are starting to use their recreational properties at all times of the year. While the winter season presents some challenges, the benefits are worth the trouble once you finally get to the cabin.

Here are some fun winter activities for cottagers of all ages.

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Ice fishing
The fish don’t stop feeding in the winter. In fact, some anglers think the best time to catch perch, walleye, pike, and lake trout is during the winter months.

The great thing about ice fishing is that it can be done very comfortably out of an ice hut, and the entire family can get in on the action.

Here’s a good starter ice fishing shelter to use at the cottage.

You can check out our full list of the gear you need at the ice fishing equipment for beginners page.

Ice bowling
If you have a big gang out at the lake for the weekend, ice bowling is a ton of fun. All you have to do is clear off a small area of the ice, set up your pins, and away you go.

Snow shoeing
Many cottage owners have a pair of traditional snow shoes hanging on the wall, but few people actually use the old-style gear. Modern snow shoes are easier to use and as a result, snowshoeing is a becoming a very popular winter sport.

Snow sculptures
If the snow is simply too deep and you don’t want to bother heading far from the cottage, having a snow sculpture competition is a great way to enjoy the outdoors at the cabin during the winter months. Depending on the size of the group, you can organize the family and guests into teams of two or three people.

Nominate a non-biased judge right from the beginning. Grandma is normally a pretty good pick. Otherwise, things can get a bit heated when it comes time to decide the winner.

Here’s a cool starter kit.


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