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15 Mar 2017 Cool Stuff

Old Snow Shoes

Many people are replacing old cabins with brand new cottages, but want to retain the traditional cabin charm.

New Cottage Decorating Ideas

A new cottage doesn’t have to feel like a condo in the city.

The decoration can still be done to make it like an old cabin, and because your new building is almost maintenance-free, you will have more time to spend on the decor.

Let’s look at some tips to help you decorate the new cottage the old-fashioned way.

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Decorate Slowly
Take your time and decorate the cottage a little bit each season. The leisurely approach allows you to do it at a comfortable pace, and you will always have a fresh look.

It’s also easier on the wallet, as you don’t have to spend a lot of money all at once.

By decorating slowly, you not only spend most of your cottage time enjoying the lake, you also have more opportunity to look for deals. This approach is much more enjoyable than trying to cram all the decorating into one expensive week or weekend.

As the cabin matures, hopefully, we do too. Our tastes change and it is nice to keep the cottage decorated according to our stage in “cottager” life.

Remember, over time the cottage ages and adds its own subtle touch to the decor. Pine, cedar, and oak boards that are found on the cabin walls, floors, and ceiling all change colour as the years pass.

How can you decorate a new cottage on a budget?
If you broke the bank to build your dream cottage, you might not have much money left over for fancy decorations.

Adopting the “sports and wildlife” theme for your cottage decoration can be both low-cost and effective. 

Nature and the old sporting equipment left over from the previous cabin may provide most of the material, articles, and fixtures. It is a great way to bring the look and smell of the great outdoors into the new cabin.

Hunters often mount their trophies on the wall, but a bit of time spent hiking the surrounding woods in the spring should turn up an ample supply of antlers that were shed by the animals during the winter. To get the antlers while they are in prime condition, you need to look for them in the later part of the winter. Squirrels and other critters like to gnaw on antlers and will damage them in a short period of time.

Many older cabins display at least one mounted fish.  While the size of the fish remains consistent, the tale of its demise gets larger every year.  With conservation on the forefront of the modern angler’s mind, a better idea is to take a picture of your trophy fish and then get a replica made for the cottage wall.

Animal Skins
Never buy real animals or fish that have been stuffed and mounted. It is illegal in most provinces and states and the fines for selling and purchasing stuffed wildlife can be enormous.

We suggest you buy artificial skins rather than shooting or trapping the animals.

Bear skins, wolf skins, fox skins, and rabbit skins are all popular choices.  If it doesn’t make your skin crawl to see them, the replicated coats of your furry neighbours can add a bit of charm to the cabin wall or be a key decorative piece on the floor in front of the wood stove.

Old Snowshoes
A traditional pair of snowshoes placed on the wall can serve as a nostalgic conversation piece. If you don’t have old snow shoes in the attic, you may have to hit the garage sales, flea markets, or antique shops.

Cross-country Skis
Get grandpa’s old wooden skis out of the shed, clean them up, and hang them from the cottage ceiling. A good way to find old skis is to put an ad in the local paper, online, or simply ask around at the lake.

Antique Fishing Rods
An old bait-casting rod with a wooden lure looks fantastic above the cottage bar. As the pints flow, so will the stories of all the trophy fish that the old rod and reel brought in.

The bottom line
With a bit of imagination you can decorate the new cottage in a unique and budget-friendly way that lets you enjoy the benefits of a modern lakeside retreat while maintaining the traditional cozy atmosphere.

If you are looking for ideas that are more modern or shabby-chic for your decor, check out the Decorating Tips For An Old Cabin page which has a list of unique and fun decorating items that are ideal for any cottage.

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