7 Great Ice Fishing Gadgets

Ice Fishing Gear

Ice fishing enthusiasts that are ready to upgrade from beginner tackle to pro gear can buy a wide variety of hi-tech equipment to help catch more fish through the ice.

Best Ice Fishing Gadgets to Catch Fish Like the Pros

The best ice fishing gear remains the standard rod, line, hook and lure with a bit of bait. However, using technology to find the fish can make a huge difference in the number of fish you catch during the ice fishing trip.

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Why an ice fishing sonar / fish finder is essential gear

In tough fishing conditions where fish are moving around the lake and feeding at a variety of depth levels, this piece of equipment is critical for success.

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Consider buying a hand-held depth finder

A hand-held depth finder is great for ice fishing when you want to quickly check the conditions under newly drilled holes, especially around reefs that are known to attract fish.

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Is using an underwater camera when ice fishing cheating?

After you find the fish using the GPS and mark the depth where the fish appear to be feeding on the flasher, you want to see them take the bait.

Some people might think this goes too far and takes the sport out of the activity. Fair point, but the camera provides great entertainment when ice fishing and the end goal is to put a meal on the table.

Search for a top ice fishing camera that can be used both inside the comfort of the ice shelter, or outside on the ice during a sunny day. One that comes with a storage bag that fits nicely into a pail or the ice fishing sled is a bonus.

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Always bring a two-way radio when ice fishing

Safety is rule number one on the ice. You must have a means of communicating with friends and other anglers, especially when the gang is spread out or when ice fishing in blizzard conditions.

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A power auger saves precious ice fishing time

With daylight fishing hours at a premium during the winter, an ice auger that drills holes quickly will ensure ice anglers are maximizing their fishing time. This is especially important when criss-crossing the lake to fish various known hotspots in the same day.

Stay comfortable with a mobile ice fishing shelter

Protection from the elements is important on extremely cold and windy days out on the ice. A mobile ice fishing shelter allows the angler to quickly move around the lake in search of fish. This unit is compact and easy to set up.

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Every ice angler should have an ice fishing sled

A sturdy sled that holds all the essential gear can be easily towed behind a snowmobile giving serious ice fishermen the ability to fish as many areas on the lake as possible in a quick and efficient manner.

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