Top Winter Activities for Cottagers

10 Feb 2021 Cool Stuff

Cross Country Skis
The top winter activities at the cottage are always the ones the entire family can enjoy.

Cottage owners often close the property in the fall and disappear until the opening weekend in spring, but winter can be a blast at the lake. If you are able to access the cabin in the winter months, try these exciting outdoor activities.

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Modern technology has transformed the classic cottage snowshoe into a piece of equipment that the entire family can use to hike around the lake during the winter months.

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Cross Country Skiing

Cottage owners who have flat terrain or access to decent trails can enjoy a day of cross country skiing through the woods. Otherwise, the XC skis are great for doing a quick tour of the lake.

Some cabins and chalets are also close to downhill ski locations, so you get the best of both winter activities. A simple storage rack is great for keeping the ski gear organized and out of the way.

Ice Fishing

It might seem rather boring at first thought, but ice fishing is actually one of the most popular winter sports.

All you need is a basic ice auger and your regular fishing gear and you are all set to go. For those who prefer to ice fish in more comfort, or take the sport to the next level, there is a wide variety of gear and gadgets specialized for catching your favourite fish through the ice.


Get the entire gang together for the weekend and organize a cottage broomball tournament. It’s something everyone can enjoy, regardless of age or athletic ability.

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Ice bowling

An ice bowling tournament at the cottage could be the big party hit of the year!

Inflatable oversized pins can be used. The human ice bowling version of the game involves sending a person sliding along in a sled towards the pins.

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