Best Lawn Mower for a Cottage

18 May 2021 Cool Stuff

cottage lawn mower
There are essentially three types of lawn mowers: push, gas, and electric. The best type of lawn mower to buy for a cottage depends on the size of the yard, the slope of the property, the cabin’s location, and the availability of electricity.

Push Mower

A traditional push mower is the top environmentally-friendly option. This simple machine is ideal for small and flat yards. The user generates all the power, so it is a great buy for remote properties that do not have electricity.

The push mower works best with short grass. In fact, it provides a golf-green look, which is very appealing for the yard. However, this requires being at the cottage often enough to keep the grass cut on a regular schedule. As we all know, grass grows quickly at the cabin and it doesn’t take long for things to get out of control.

Weight is another concern. A push mower can be heavy for some people, so you need to have the strength and endurance to move it around the yard. Blade sharpening is key to keeping the push mower operating at peak performance and minimizing the effort needed make it cut the grass properly. You can sharpen the blades yourself, or take the lawn mower to the shop as required.

Gas Lawn Mower

A gas lawn mower is the most common machine people buy for cutting the grass at a cottage. This is a good choice for larger yards. Several types of gas lawn mowers are available at a wide range of prices. Look for one with a blade length of at least 21 inches.

Riding Mower
Large yards that will take more than two hours to cut would justify upgrading to riding mower or lawn tractor. This is the most expensive option, but it also requires the least amount of physical effort. You simply sit on the mower, start it up, and drive around the property. It is great for road-access cottages where you can transport the lawn tractor to and from the cottage on a trailer.

The high-end gas lawnmowers that you walk behind are self-propelled. This is helpful when you have to cover a big area and when some of the property is sloped. Bagging and mulching features normally come with this type of lawn mower and those accessories can save a lot of clean-up time if you are looking to create a pristine yard.

A very basic gas mower might be the best pick. This is the cheapest and lightest unit as it does not have power wheels, bagging, or mulching capability. The benefit with this type of lawn mower is that it can be easily pushed around the property. In situations where you simply want to keep the weeds or grass cut, this is the top choice.

Maintenance is the downside for all the gas lawnmowers. You have to keep fuel handy. Oil and spark plugs need to be changed each year and the lawn mower might not work properly if it gets left out in the rain or isn’t winterized correctly at the end of the season.

Pollution and noise are also negatives to consider when looking at these types of lawn mowers.

Corded Electric Lawn Mower

Electric lawn mowers have been around for decades and they are still a decent choice in some situations. Cottages with electricity and a small yard are ideal for this type of lawn mower. You simply plug in the extension cord and off you go. The cord, however, gets in the way.

This is a cheap option for a cottage yard that simply needs basic maintenance. The lawn mower is quiet, easy to transport, and you just need to sharpen the blade once every season.

Cordless (Battery-Powered) Lawn Mower

The evolution of battery technology in the past few years has made this type of lawn mower a viable option for many properties. That being said, the batteries still need to be charged. As a result, it makes sense to buy the cordless electric lawn mower for a cottage that has electricity.

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A cordless electric mower gives you more flexibility than a regular electric lawn mower. On the other hand, you typically pay a lot more for the machine, so the benefits have to justify the added expense.

If you have the budget and the yard isn’t too large, this is a great eco-friendly lawn mower to buy for the cabin. As with the corded version, it is quieter than a gas mower and requires less maintenance.

The bottom line

The various types of lawn mowers in the market give cottagers a broad selection to accommodate their grass-cutting needs. In some cases, it might make sense to buy two types of mowers to get the job done. This is especially true when the property is large, but also has some challenging areas that can’t be covered with a riding mower.


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