Best Chainsaw to Buy for a Cottage

Best Chainsaw to Buy
There are three good types of chainsaws to consider for cutting trees and firewood at the cabin: gas-powered, battery-powered electric, and corded electric. The best chainsaw to buy for a cottage depends on how and where you plan to use this essential power tool.

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Gas-Powered Chainsaw

A gas-powered chainsaw is the classic model that most people use at a cottage. This type of chainsaw offers the best power and the most versatility. It is also very noisy and requires a constant supply of fuel.

In situations where you will need to cut large trees or plan to work for several hours at a time the gas-powered chainsaw is probably the top pick. It is also the best choice when you are working deep in the bush or on a remote, off-grid property.

Maintenance is one downside of the gas chainsaw due to the two-stroke engine. Sometimes the chainsaw won’t start or stops running. The oil-to-gas mixture has to be right. A spare spark plug and a wrench to change the spark plug are necessary items, and the carburetor might eventually get gummed-up and need servicing. Cracked fuel lines and dirty filters also cause issues.

Most people can handle basic chainsaw maintenance and repair, but the more challenging aspects might require a visit to the shop. Consider the costs connected to the small-engine repairs when deciding which chainsaw to buy.

Electric Chainsaw

Electric chainsaws have been around for a long time. They are quiet, low maintenance, and use a constant source of electricity from the house or cottage outlet to give steady and decent power. In certain situations, this type of chainsaw is a great option for the cabin.

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The limitation of the extension cord is the obvious downside. Cutting trees that are too far from the building require the use of a generator. This might be OK once in a while, but steady work in the bush is better suited for a gas model.

Battery-Powered (Cordless) Electric Chainsaw

Advancements in battery technology have finally made a cordless electric chainsaw a viable option. This type of chainsaw might be the best choice for people who only need the chainsaw for trimming branches or cutting small trees and logs around the property.

A cordless chainsaw is quiet and should require limited maintenance beyond the standard cleaning procedures. If you simply want a chainsaw that is faster and stronger than using a bow saw, this chainsaw should do the trick.

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That being said, it is important to temper expectations. Despite the more powerful batteries available today, they still have their limitations. The cordless chainsaw is not as powerful as the corded electric or gas chainsaws and you need to have electricity at the cottage to charge the batteries.

The bottom line

Serious tree cutting probably still requires a gas-powered chainsaw, but it makes sense to look at the other options. If you can get away with an electric or cordless unit it saves a lot of time on maintenance, protects your hearing, doesn’t require smelly fuel and oil, and is better for the environment.


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