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Whether it’s a traditional cabin deep in the woods or a modern mansion on a sprawling estate, your cottage is your passion.

CottageTips.com strives to be a useful and rewarding place for cottage owners, guests, and renters to find the information they need to get the most out of their outdoor living experiences.

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The Cottage Tips Blog is our editor’s ongoing commentary about the daily issues we encounter as cottage and cabin dwellers. His articles explore the various intricacies of cottage living and cover popular topics such as wildlife, guests, outhouses, and neighbours.

The blog also contains simple cabin recipes, gift ideas for all members of a cottage family, and various articles on fishing at the cottage.

Cottage Tips

The Tips Pages are organized by category and are designed to help new cottage and cabin owners and renters find their way as they embark on their cottaging adventures. The pages provide practical tips and advice on a variety of topics that are key to enjoying life at the lake.


Cottage Tips Polls provide visitors with a chance to give the Cottage Tips admin team some useful feedback, vote on popular cottage issues, and see what other visitors think about the same topics.  The poll results are helpful because they give us a panoramic view of what our readers want and expect from Cottage Tips.  Vote today!

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