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Hummingbird Therapy

Cottage Hummingbird Photography
Hummingbirds arrive at the cabin every summer and provide hours of entertainment for cottagers, family, and guests throughout the season. Read the full article

Are Private Buoys Legal?

private buoy

Cottage owners often mark hazards near their properties to help boaters avoid accidents, but placing a private buoy in the lake can put you at risk. Read the full article

The Canoe’s History at The Cabin

Canoe On Shore
The open canoe, long embraced as the proud symbol of outdoor living, now sits abandoned and rotting away on many cottage properties.

What happened?

Why have we lost our love for the traditional pleasure of canoeing in an open canoe? Read the full article

Wildflowers at the Cottage

Wild RoseThe arrival of wildflowers at the lake is one of cottage country’s greatest presents. And the best part of all? They’re completely wild! Read the full article

First Blueberries of the Year

First blueberries of the yearBlueberries aren’t usually ready until the middle of July but the early arrival of spring means this year’s batch is already here! Read the full article

Outhouse Toilet Seat Retires

New oak toilet seat in outhouse After years of complaints, I have finally changed the old oak toilet seat in the outhouse. Read the full article

Cottage Weather Forecast

Have you ever noticed that the weather forecast for the cottage is almost always the same? Read the full article

How to get rid of terrible guests

Bad cottage guests are rare but when they turn up they can ruin a weekend. Here are a few tips to help scare away ungrateful cabin visitors. Read the full article

Private Buoy Rules

private buoy
All aboard or abandon ship?
Private buoy rules are very restrictive in Canada, and a well-meaning cottager who places a marker to warn boaters about a rock or reef could be fined or even sued. Read the full article

Canadians and Climate Change

The world is hot under the collar regarding Canada’s commitment to reduce its level of greenhouse-gas emissions.

Do Canadians care about global warming? Read the full article