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Outhouse Toilet Seat Retires

New oak toilet seat in outhouse After years of complaints, I have finally changed the old oak toilet seat in the outhouse. Read the full article

Cottage Weather Forecast

Have you ever noticed that the weather forecast for the cottage is almost always the same? Read the full article

How to get rid of terrible guests

Bad cottage guests are rare but when they turn up they can ruin a weekend. Here are a few tips to help scare away ungrateful cabin visitors. Read the full article

Private Buoy Rules

private buoy
All aboard or abandon ship?
Private buoy rules are very restrictive in Canada, and a well-meaning cottager who places a marker to warn boaters about a rock or reef could be fined or even sued. Read the full article

Canadians and Climate Change

Canada and climate changeThe world is hot under the collar regarding Canada’s commitment to reduce its level of greenhouse-gas emissions.

Is it true that Canadians don’t care about global warming? Read the full article

A Day With Dyke Williams

Dyke Williams

Dyke Williams

If only one word could describe Dyke Williams, it would be passion – passion for his grandkids, passion for the trees on his family’s island, passion for his work, and passion for the future of Lake of the Woods and its surrounding communities. Read the full article

Experimental Lakes Area Saved?

Experimental Lakes Area (ELA)
Canada’s world-class scientific project, the award-winning ELA, received a transitional lifeline on Sept. 2, and Canadians should be extremely embarrassed about the way the whole ordeal has unfolded. Read the full article

Something Died In The Cabin

A foul smell began to seep through the floor boards of the cabin a few days ago and finding the source hasn’t been fun. Read the full article

Deer Attacks Woman

Urban Deer A Kenora, ON resident was catching a few afternoon rays when an urban deer wandered into the yard and attacked her. Read the full article

Ban Flying Lanterns

Canada Day and the 4th of July celebrations in the U.S. are fast approaching and cottage owners are once again crossing their fingers that someone won’t set the forest on fire or burn down the entire community with the use of fireworks.

This year, the concerns are even greater due to the increasing popularity of airborne Chinese wish lanterns. Read the full article