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9 Great Cottage Gifts for Dad

5 Dec 2014 Cool Stuff

Looking to give your favourite cottage Dad a special gift? These practical presents are great gift ideas for an active father or grandfather at the cabin. Read the full article

Fun Gifts for Walleye Fishermen

2 Dec 2014 Cool Stuff

Here are some great gifts for walleye (pickerel) fishermen. Read the full article

Dog Safety in the Boat

9 Jul 2014 Cool Stuff

The family is arriving at the dock on the safe and sturdy pontoon boat. The supplies are carefully arranged in boxes, the people are wearing their life jackets and the family dog is securely attached to its harness which is tied to the railing. Read the full article

Important Cottage Checklists

16 Jul 2013 Cool Stuff

Packing for the cabin, opening up in the spring, closing for the winter, organizing food, renting, buying, selling – you name it – at the cabin there’s a things-to-do checklist for just about every activity. Read the full article

The Cottage Stock Investor

28 May 2012 Cool Stuff

With broadband Internet pushing deeper into cottage country, the dream of working from the lake is becoming a reality. One way to do it is by trading and investing in dividend-paying companies. Read the full article

Cottage and Cabin Gift Ideas

16 Nov 2011 Cool Stuff

Are you looking for the perfect gifts for cabin owners?
Top cottage gifts for 2018. Finding a good cottage gift for your cottage host can be a frustrating task. If you have been invited to a cabin, you want to bring a practical gift that is both unique and memorable for the owner. For a first-time guest going to visit a cottage it is often difficult to pick a good present for the host because you just don’t know what your friends already have at the cabin. Read the full article