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What Just Washed Up on Shore?

10 Feb 2017 Cool Stuff

Stuff that washed up on shore Walking the shoreline after water levels drop can turn up some interesting finds. Read the full article

Winter fun at the cottage

17 Dec 2016 Cool Stuff

winter at the cottage

Winter is a great time of the year to have some outdoor fun at the cottage. Read the full article

Top Gifts for a Cottage Dad

15 Jun 2016 Cool Stuff

The best gift for a cottage Dad is one that he would love to have but normally wouldn’t buy for himself. Read the full article

Top tools for cottage owners

8 Feb 2016 Cool Stuff

Cottages and cabins require serious maintenance and having the right tools is a must if you want to spend more time fishing and less time fixing. Read the full article

5 great ways to relax at the cottage

19 Nov 2015 Cool Stuff

Every year, life seems to get more stressful. Fortunately, the cottage remains the one refuge where we can unwind and put things back into perspective. Read the full article

5 Great Cottage Gifts for Mom

6 Dec 2014 Cool Stuff

Mom works hard to keep the family safe and healthy at the cottage. Here are a few great holiday gift ideas to show your mother how much you appreciate her efforts. Read the full article

9 Great Cottage Gifts for Dad

5 Dec 2014 Cool Stuff

Looking to give your favourite cottage Dad a special gift this year? These practical items are great gift ideas to buy for an active father or grandfather at the cabin. Read the full article

Fun Gifts for Walleye Fishermen

2 Dec 2014 Cool Stuff

Here are some great gifts for walleye (pickerel) fishermen. Read the full article

Dog Safety in the Boat

9 Jul 2014 Cool Stuff

The family is arriving at the dock on the safe and sturdy pontoon boat. The supplies are carefully arranged in boxes, the people are wearing their life jackets and the family dog is securely attached to its harness which is tied to the railing. Read the full article

Important Cottage Checklists

16 Jul 2013 Cool Stuff

Packing for the cabin, opening up in the spring, closing for the winter, organizing food, renting, buying, selling Рyou name it Рat the cabin there’s a things-to-do checklist for just about every activity. Read the full article