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3 Best Fishing Lures to Catch Walleye, Bass, and Pike

best fishing lures
The best fishing lures for catching walleye, bass, pike and perch are spoons, spinners, and soft plastic tails with jigs. Read the full article

7 Great Ice Fishing Gadgets

Ice Fishing Gear

Ice fishing enthusiasts that are ready to upgrade from beginner tackle to pro gear can buy a wide variety of hi-tech equipment to help catch more fish through the ice. Read the full article

Beginner Fishing Gear for Ladies

Girls often out fish the boys when they decide to get serious about catching dinner at the cottage. Read the full article

Pike Fishing Essentials

Big Northern PikeNorthern pike, otherwise known as jackfish, are very aggressive predators and can grow to be larger than 40 inches in many U.S. and Canadian lakes and rivers. Read the full article

Ontario Walleye Season

Walleye season in OntarioThe Ontario walleye fishing season is eagerly anticipated every spring. Ontario’s slot sizes for walleye are determined annually for each fishing zone and catch-and-keep limits for pickerel (walleye) can vary widely. Read the full article

Ice fishing tip: “reading” the ice

Ice conditions change quickly and not all ice is the same. Ice fishing beginners must learn how to read the ice and recognize danger spots when trying to locate the fish. Read the full article

Ice fishing clothes and safety gear

Ice Fishing Equipment
Proper clothes and a simple safety kit are key to a successful and comfortable day of ice fishing. The best way to avoid trouble is to have ice fishing gear that keeps you warm, safe, and able to survive an emergency. Read the full article

Grandpa’s Lures: Week Eight

Heddon Tiny Tad

I decided to use the Heddon Tiny Tad this week.
The Tiny Tad is a small lure with some nice wobble action so I thought it would be a good choice for targeting smallmouth bass in shallow water along rocky shorelines or off the point of an island. Read the full article

Grandpa’s Lures: Week Seven

Old REBEL Minnow Fishing LureThis is the first week of the continuation of the Grandpa’s Tackle Box series. Read the full article