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A bear ate my jack pine – twice!

4 Aug 2014 Wildlife Stories

Jack pine tree bark stripped by bear.Why would a bear strip the bark off of my jack pine tree? Read the full article

New FTC outbreak confirmed

30 May 2014 Wildlife Stories

forest tent caterpillars on aspen tree

The latest forest tent caterpillar outbreak in northern Ontario, Wisconsin and Minnesota might hit its peak this summer. Read the full article

Stink bugs slaughter caterpillars

29 May 2014 Wildlife Stories

stinkbug kills forest tent caterpillarAn army of forest tent caterpillars attacking an aspen tree beside the cottage was suddenly ambushed by a swarm of stink bugs. Read the full article

Michigan Wolf Hunt

16 Dec 2013 Wildlife Stories

Michigan Wolf Hunt

Michigan Wolf Hunt – DNR

Michigan’s first wolf hunt in over 40 years is being closely watched by hunters and wildlife supporters. Read the full article

Bear Attacks Young Girl

12 Dec 2013 Wildlife Stories

Black BearThe hunter became the hunted this week when a black bear attacked an 18-year-old girl while she was hunting deer. Read the full article

Preventing blastomycosis in dogs

16 Oct 2013 Wildlife Stories

Blastomycosis In Dogs
What is canine blastomycosis and how do dogs get it?
Educating dog owners and veterinarians about the symptoms of blastomycosis is critical for early detection and treatment of the disease. Read the full article

Mouse Poop On My Plate

22 Jul 2013 Wildlife Stories

Mice Caught In CabinDiscovering mouse poop on a plate I left on the counter confirmed my suspicion; the mice had regained control of the cabin. Read the full article

Bat Houses Actually Work

30 Jun 2013 Wildlife Stories

Bat Houses Near CottageAfter the harrowing episode of being attacked by bats inside my cabin, I looked for a way to get them out of the cottage roof yet keep them living on the property for bug control. Read the full article

Another Bear Attack

13 May 2013 Wildlife Stories

The recent black bear attack in northern Ontario near the town of Cochrane is an alarming reminder for all cottagers to be vigilant when we head to the cabin this spring. Read the full article

A Mink in The Boat

15 Aug 2012 Wildlife Stories

Mink on the Dock

The resident mink recently had a party in my boat, and I’m afraid it may have moved in. Read the full article