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How to Tell if a Tree is Dying

[16 Jun 2018 ]

tree with rotten trunk

Early detection of a sick tree near the cottage can prevent a disaster down the road. Read the full tip »

Maintenance »

Removing Moss from The Roof

[26 May 2018 ]

how to remove moss on roof

Is moss growing on your cottage roof? Here are a few tips to remove the moss from the shingles, and some useful tricks to help keep roof moss from coming back. Read the full tip »

Maintenance »

How to sharpen a knife

[7 Feb 2018 ]

Knowing how to sharpen a pocket knife, fillet knife, or kitchen knife is an important skill to have at the cabin. Here are the knife-sharpening basics to get you started. Read the full tip »

Maintenance »

Chainsaw Maintenance

[22 Jan 2018 ]

Chainsaw and Safety Gear
Knowing how to operate and maintain a chainsaw is critical for cabin and cottage owners. Wearing the proper safety gear, using the chainsaw correctly and conducting regular maintenance will ensure the chainsaw serves its purpose in a safe and efficient way. Read the full tip »

On The Water »

Boat Trailer Maintenance

[19 Jan 2018 ]

Boat Trailer
Often overlooked or completely forgotten, the boat trailer serves an important role in your seasonal trips to the cabin.  Keeping it well maintained is a must.  Read the full tip »

On The Water »

How to winterize a boat

[23 Nov 2017 ]

Winterizing a boat.
Here is a checklist to help ensure the cottage boat is properly prepared for the winter and is ready to go in the spring. Read the full tip »

Maintenance »

Marine Battery Tips

[23 Nov 2017 ]

Preparing the cottage boat batteries for winter storage is an important part of the cottage closing process. Read the full tip »

On The Water »

How to Protect Dock Lines

[13 Sep 2017 ]

boat rope protector

Boat rope often frays after long periods of rubbing against the side of the boat or the cleats. Here’s a simple trick to protect the dock line from breaking. Read the full tip »

In The Woods »

Forest Tent Caterpillar Facts

[9 Jun 2017 ]

forest tent caterpillars eating tree leaves
The forest tent caterpillar (FTC) is a native insect that feeds on the leaves of various hardwood trees including aspen, birch, basswood and oak. Read the full tip »

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Buying Tip: Water Level Risks

[23 Apr 2017 ]

rising water level
Water levels can change significantly in cottage country. Here are some important points to consider when you are thinking about buying a cottage. Read the full tip »