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How to install a boat seat

[3 Jun 2014 ]
installed boat seat in old Lund

Placing a seat in the old fishing boat can be done in a budget-friendly way. This boat seat installation was done in a sixteen-foot Lund. Read the full tip »

About The Finances »

Saving Cash on Cottage Trips

[16 May 2014 ]

Driving to the Cottage
How can you save money on gas and expenses when driving to the cottage?
Cottage trips can be expensive, so we need to make the commute to the lake as efficient as possible. Read the full tip »

About The Finances »

9 Ways to Work from the Cottage

[9 May 2014 ]
Working From The Cottage

Many people would love to retire to the cabin. Here are nine ways you can earn money while living at the cottage. Read the full tip »

At Your Leisure »

Wildflower Photo Techniques

[8 Nov 2013 ]
Thistle In Bloom

The best wildflower photos are captured when the plant begins to bloom. Read the full tip »

At Your Leisure »

Hummingbird Photography

[7 Nov 2013 ]

Hummingbird Photography
Taking the perfect picture of a hummingbird requires a bit of strategy, a touch of know-how, and a ton of patience. Read the full tip »

In The Cottage »

Preventing cottage break-ins

[28 Oct 2013 ]

Note to Thieves - Cottage Break-in

Break-ins are on the rise in a number of cottage communities across Canada and in the United States. Read the full tip »

Around The Property »

Keeping A Mink Out Of The Boat

[30 Jul 2013 ]

Mink Sitting In Boat
A solution had to be found to keep the resident mink from messing up the boat. Read the full tip »

In The Woods »

How To Pick Blueberries

[28 Jul 2013 ]

how to pick blueberries in Canada

Whether you are a cabin owner, renter or guest, the best technique to pick blueberries is one that allows you to do it in an efficient and safe way. Here is how you can maximize your berries, minimize bug bites and avoid bears. Read the full tip »

In The Woods »

Ticks and Lyme Disease

[22 Jun 2013 ]
Blacklegged Tick or Deer Tick

The blacklegged tick (ixodes scapularis), also known as a deer tick, is expanding its range and can carry and transmit Lyme disease as well as a number of other ailments. Read the full tip »

On The Menu »

How to Avoid Food Poisoning

[7 May 2013 ]

Food poisoning can ruin a cottage weekend. Fortunately, it is easily prevented when we follow a few simple steps. Read the full tip »