10 Steps to Winterize the Boat Motor

29 October 2020 On The Water

how to winterize a boat motor

Winterizing the boat motor is easy and shouldn’t take much time. In addition, proper boat motor maintenance in the fall will make sure the boat engine is ready to go first thing in the spring.

How to winterize the boat motor

During your last couple of boat runs, add some fuel stabilizer into the gas tank. This ensures it will run all the way through the system to help protect the motor as it sits through the winter.

1. Before you pull the boat out of the water, disconnect the fuel line to let the engine burn off the rest of the fuel that is in the carburetor. (Non oil-injected motors)

2. Remove the engine cover and inspect all hoses and clamps for damage or leaks.

3. Wipe down the entire engine with a rag or old cloth.

4. Spray WD-40 or equivalent product on all of the parts that move.

5. Spray fogging oil into the carburetor.

6. Disconnect the spark plugs.

7. Pull-start the engine a couple of times to let the fogging oil work its way into the system.

8. Change the oil and filter. (four-stroke motors)

9. Change the gear oil in the lower unit.

10. Cover the motor with a tarp to keep out the critters during the winter storage.

Note: Don’t store old fuel over the winter.  Give it away, or use it in another motor.

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