8 Tips to Store Firewood

15 November 2020 In The Woods

firewood storage tips

Proper storage is essential for ensuring a supply of good quality firewood. You spend a lot of time and energy to cut the wood, so it makes sense to try to keep it in good condition for as long as possible.

How to Store and Protect Firewood

1. Keep the wood pile at least 30 feet away from the cabin and any outbuilding. Wood piles attract spiders, ants, termites, beetles, mice and snakes.

2. Use a firewood rack to store the wood in an organized way.

3. Wood should not be in contact with the ground. Elevate the wood at least 3-4 inches to provide adequate air flow, reduce rotting, and minimize critter nests and insect infestations.

4. Stack the wood in a way that exposes the ends of the logs to the air. Most of the moisture evaporates out of the ends during the drying out period.

5. Stack the wood in a manner that allows for some airflow through the pile.

6. Do not cover the firewood in the 12 – 18 months that it is being left to dry out.  The cover will trap the moisture inside the wood.

7. Once the wood is adequately dried out, place a loose tarp over the top layer of the wood stack to keep it dry.

8. Remove the bark before taking the wood into the cabin.  It has limited burn value and contains most of the nasty bugs.

Firewood Rack
A sturdy firewood rack keeps the firewood organized and off the ground. Avoiding ground moisture will help slow the rotting process and keep your wood in good condition for a longer time. The rack is also useful for keeping the bugs and snakes from turning the wood pile into a condo. Use a firewood tote bag to easily carry the logs to the wood stove.

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