Bonfire And Campfire

4 April 2011 At Your Leisure


How do you build a safe bonfire?
The bonfire is the highlight of many weekends at the lake.  With a bit of preparation the fire will be a safe and memorable event filled with fun and great food.

Bonfire Safety Advice

Common sense and a few precautions are necessary to make the bonfire safe for everyone.

Fire Bans
Be sure that fires are allowed.  Fire bans are common during dry periods of the summer. Always check with the local authorities to see if fires are allowed when you are at the cabin.

Wind Risks
Windy conditions are dangerous.  If the wind doesn’t die down at dusk, cancel the plans for the fire.

Fire Pit Location
Locate the fire pit away from trees and outbuildings, preferably near the shoreline and a source of water.

Extinguishing The Camp Fire
Always keep a pail of water, a fire extinguisher, and a shovel ready for unexpected problems. A sudden gust of wind or a burning log that rolls out of the fire can cause the fire to spread quickly.

Supervise children at all times. Make them sit a safe distance from the fire and don’t let them play with burning sticks.

Stop, Drop, and Roll
Make sure everyone knows the STOP,  DROP, and ROLL rules for dealing with clothing that catches on fire.

Designated Burner
Choose a “designated burner” to be the sober person responsible for building and  maintaining the fire for the entire evening.

Bonfire Size
Keep the fire small and under control at all times.  A modest campfire is more than adequate for providing a source of heat and a comfortable place to cook some food.

How do you extinguish a bonfire?
Always put the fire out completely at the end of the night.  Soak all the coals in water and stir the mixture.  Take the time to do this thoroughly. Add water until there is no more steam rising each time the water hits the coals.

Video tutorial – Tips for splitting wood

Bonfire and Campfire Food Ideas

When the fire burns down and everyone starts to get hungry, it’s time for our favourite campfire food.

Here are some of the classic food ideas:
Campfire Sandwiches
Campfire Pies
Campfire Burgers
Campfire Waffles
Campfire Smores
Campfire Hotdogs
Campfire Marshmallows

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