Deck Maintenance

20 March 2011 Around The Property
Cabin Deck

The deck is a high-traffic area at many cottages. Proper maintenance keeps it in good shape and looking great.

Deck Maintenance Tips

  • Check for lifting nails every spring.
  • Power wash to remove dirt and grime build-up.
  • Apply a new coat of protective stain every year or two depending on the amount of wear.
  • Take the time to completely sand or strip and re-seal the deck every 5 years to keep it healthy and looking new.
  • Replace damaged and rotting boards promptly.
  • Ensure that rainwater runs away from the deck footings.
  • Keep the steps in good repair.

Deck Power Washer
Here is an affordable gas-powered power washer for the cabin or cottage.

For detailed tips on how to stain the deck and siding, go to the Deck and Siding Staining page.

Deck Decorating Ideas

  • Add bench seats or outdoor furniture for more comfort.
  • Get a marble chess/checkers table.
  • Add potted flowers.
  • Add planters of herbs and tomatoes.

With a bit of maintenance every season the cottage deck will look great and last for years.

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