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23 March 2011 At Your Leisure

Leisure time at the cottage?  What a concept! Here are some great cottage activities to help you relax at the lake.

How To Relax At The Cabin

Once you have all the chores finished, you should spend your time doing something that you would rarely do in the city. The following leisure ideas are just a small sample of the activities you can enjoy at the cottage.

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Hang a hammock
There is no better way to have an afternoon nap.  If the bugs are bad, consider enclosing it with a mosquito net. For a romantic afternoon siesta, get one that holds two people. A good book and your favourite beverage also make great hammock accessories.
Here is a nice relaxing and romantic hammock for the cabin.

Read a new book
Down time at the cottage is perfect for diving into the latest best selling novel or cruising the stories of your favourite magazine. These days the new tablets and e-readers make it simple to take all your reading material with you without carrying a heavy bag full of books.

Study a new language
The summer is the best time to get out the books and start learning the Spanish you plan to use in Mexico during your winter vacation. Everyone learns languages differently and at a different rate. Some of us are better at learning from the books, while others prefer the audio route. Regardless, the lake is a great place to concentrate.

Take up drawing or painting
The cottage is the perfect place to finally learn to sketch, draw or play with water colours. You may have an unknown talent or rediscover the long abandoned joys of painting.  With a bit of practice you can create your own art for the cottage wall, or even sell your pieces in the local market. You never know unless you give it a try!

Start a blog
If you have Internet access, why not start a blog about your hobbies and passions? Blogging has replaced the traditional journal and the best part about it is that everyone can do it. Most of the free sites like Blogger have developed to the point where the template is extremely user friendly. Even if you have very little computer knowledge, you can be up and running in a matter of minutes.

Write a novel
Let your imagination run free and unleash your inner Hemingway. For those of us who have always dreamed of writing a book or a collection of short stories, the cabin is a great place to find the inspiration to get started. If you have the luxury of spending the entire summer at the lake, you may even get the rough draft finished.

Learn to play a musical instrument
No grouchy neighbours to worry about while you miss a chord or botch a note on the guitar, violin, or harmonica. Many of us have always dreamed of being able to play a few tunes by the campfire. It takes a lot of practice and requires some extra patience especially for those of us who are a bit long in the tooth but the rewards are worth the effort.

Yoga at the cottage
Yoga is all the rage these days and the cottage is the best place to work on your down dog. If you don’t make the time to reduce your stress in the city, then take the opportunity to do it at the cottage. What better place than in the middle of nature.
Here is an inexpensive beginner yoga kit that is perfect for the cottage.

Work Out!
It may not be everyone’s idea of leisure at the lake, but the cabin may be the perfect place to set up a cottage gym. Convert an area of the gazebo, screened deck, or one of the guest rooms into a cabin fitness centre. If you don’t have space for the equipment, improvise with the items found at the cottage. Do push-ups on the deck. Use the chairs for doing dips. Find a solid branch to support your weight while you do chin-ups.

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