Cottage Tips User’s Guide

12 May 2011 Using Cottage Tips

Welcome to Cottage Tips!
Take a moment and read through this information to help make your navigation easy and effective.

Parts Of The Cottage Tips Website

The first thing you see at the top of every page is the row of navigation buttons. These are: Home, Blog, and Tips.

Home: Our main page where you can find a summary of everything that has been recently added to the website, as well as links to all the other parts of

Blog: Get the latest articles, weekly project details, daily updates, and cool stuff blurbs written by our editor.

Tips: This button takes you to the Tips directory page which gives a full list of all the Tips on the website. All Tips are organized into categories.

You can access the Tips in a specific category by clicking the category name:

  • at the top of every individual Tips page
  • on the side bar found on the right of every page
  • above the Recent Tips summaries located on the Home Page

You can also Search any topic on the website by using the Search Box located at the top of the side bar on every page.

There is always a Poll at the bottom of the side bar. Vote and click to see the results of the Poll. You can also see other polls that have been conducted.

At the Bottom of Every Page

About: Click About to get a summary of the different parts of the website and to see what new things are coming soon.

Contact: Click Contact to open the page where you can send a message to the Cottage Tips admin team. Please don’t hesitate to drop us a line with any ideas you have to improve the website.

Terms and Policy: Be sure to read the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy pages. These outline all of the rules and regulations for using the website.