Crappie Fishing

24 March 2011 For The Angler

There’s nothing crappy about catching a crappie.  Many anglers consider this to be the finest tasting freshwater fish.

Basic Equipment for Beginners

Light action rod and spinning reel combination with 4 pound line.


Small jig heads with plastic tails.
Live minnows, dew worms.

Location – Where to Catch Crappies

In the spring they are located in the shallow bays of lakes.
Try your luck near fallen trees or submerged brush.
In summer they head to deeper water and are tough to find.
Sometimes these fish are found suspended off the bottom near submerged trees.
The best water temperature for a crappie is about 22 degrees Celsius (72 degrees Fahrenheit). Source: Ontario MNR

Technique – How to Catch Crappies

In shallow water try a live minnow hooked through the back and placed on a line with a small bobber.
Use a jig head with a minnow or rubber tail to find fish that are deeper.
Set the hook gently.  A crappie has a very soft mouth.

With the right gear and a bit of luck you will catch your crappie limit.

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