How to get stains out of the boat

17 June 2014 On The Water

Boat carpet cleaning kit.

Coffee, fish blood, mink poop, and bird droppings all find their way onto the boat carpet. Here are the top tips to get stains out of the carpet on the cottage boat.

What is the best mixture to use for cleaning stains in the boat?

The boat takes a real beating during the cottage season.

Whether it’s soil, food, drinks or fish guts, the boat always seems to get dirty and we often wait until the end of the season to clean it.

The nature of the stain determines the ideal mixture for removing it, but the best all-purpose cleaner for boat stains is a pail of hot water mixed with a cup of white vinegar and some liquid dish detergent.

Pour the mixture onto the stained area. Use a brush with stiff bristles to spread the cleaner around so that it gets right into the material. Allow the mix to soak into the carpet for 45 minutes. Use thick rags to dab-dry the carpet. Do not scrub the carpet with the rags.

Difficult Boat Carpet Stains
Nasty boat stains may require the use of glass cleaner. Let the glass cleaner soak for 5-10 minutes. Dab dry with a rag. If needed, use a spare piece of carpet to scrub the stain out rather than scrubbing with the rags. The carpet works better and is useful for bird droppings, mink poop, and other difficult organic stains.

How do you clean vomit stains in the boat?
Sometimes people and pets get seasick. When the dogs or guests barf on the boat it is best to use club soda or a mix of baking soda and water to attack the acids.

How do you get fish blood out of the boat carpet?
Fish blood can be a problem for the boat carpet because it is easy for the stain to become permanent.

Use cold water mixed with dry laundry soap to make an absorbent paste and apply it to the area of the boat carpet that is stained with the fish blood. Wait for the mixture to dry. Use a light brush or a vacuum to clean it up.

Don’t use hot water to clean up fish blood as it will probably make the stain permanent.

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