Wildlife Photo Techniques

18 April 2011 At Your Leisure

Photographing wildlife at the cabin can be an exhilarating and frustrating hobby, especially if winning a cottage photo contest has become your top goal in life. The perfect shot requires careful planning, proper technique and plain good luck.

Animal Photography Advice

Getting great photos of the local cabin wildlife is about being prepared. There is nothing more exciting than capturing the perfect shot of the resident bear, fox, cougar, mink, wolf, moose or deer.

Be Safe
Wild animals are always unpredictable. Never stalk the animal, especially when trying to photograph a mother with young ones.

Be Prepared
If the animals are resident to your property they will have regular habits. Have the right equipment ready and be in the proper place to get the best shots when they make their rounds.

Set up your tripod ahead of time.

Be Respectful
Do not harass the wildlife in order to get a photograph.  If you find the den, burrow or nest, keep your distance when taking the photos.

Winning your favourite cottage magazine’s photo contest would be great, but knowing that you have succeeded in capturing a special moment at your cabin is reward enough.

Photography is meant to be a peaceful pastime. Always remember to be patient, stay relaxed, and have fun!

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