Saving Cash on Cottage Trips

16 May 2014

Driving to the Cottage
How can you save money on gas and expenses when driving to the cottage?
Cottage trips can be expensive, so we need to make the commute to the lake as efficient as possible. Read the full article

9 Ways to Work from the Cottage

9 May 2014

Many people would love to retire to the cabin. Here are nine ways you can earn money while living at the cottage. Read the full article

Selling the Cottage

23 Mar 2011

Is it time to sell the family cottage?
Selling your cabin can be an emotional event. Following these important steps will help make the process to sell the cottage a successful one. Read the full article

Renting Out the Cottage

23 Mar 2011

Handing over the cottage to renters can help out with cabin expenses, but it takes some serious planning.

Before you decide to list the lake property for rent, decide why you want to rent out the cabin, who you want to rent to, how much money you need and when you want to make your summer retreat available. Read the full article

Insurance Coverage

23 Mar 2011

How much insurance coverage do you need for the cottage?
When shopping for the best cottage insurance package it is essential that you get coverage that provides both protection and peace of mind. Read the full article

Succession Planning

22 Mar 2011

How do you set up a cottage succession plan?
Succession planning for the cottage is a difficult but important task. While other areas of the estate may be easy to deal with, the cabin requires special attention because there is so much emotional attachment. To ensure the family cottage continues to be a place of happiness it is essential that the proper succession steps are taken. Read the full article

Cottage Buying Guide

19 Mar 2011

Cottage on an Island
Buying the perfect summer cottage, cabin or lakeside chalet requires research and patience.
Here are some great tips on how to find and purchase the ideal cottage for your family. Read the full article