How to Tell if a Tree is Dying

16 Jun 2018

tree with rotten trunk

Early detection of a sick tree near the cottage can prevent a disaster down the road. Read the full article

Buying Tip: Water Level Risks

23 Apr 2017

rising water level
Water levels can change significantly in cottage country. Here are some important points to consider when you are thinking about buying a cottage. Read the full article

How to Pick Wild Mushrooms

5 Feb 2016

Wild mushrooms have fascinated mankind for ages, and the revered fungi are now making a big splash at the lake. In fact, mushroom picking is threatening to bump the beloved blueberry off the top of the family foraging list. Read the full article

How to Deal With Beavers

10 Jul 2014

Here are some great tips on how to prevent beavers from harvesting the trees on your cottage property. Read the full article

Facts about dock spiders

11 Jun 2014

dock spider (fishing spider ) with egg sac
Dock spiders or “fishing” spiders are a big part of the cottage experience in Canada and the United States. Here are some interesting facts about these amazing cabin residents. Read the full article

Keeping A Mink Out Of The Boat

30 Jul 2013

Mink Sitting In Boat
A solution had to be found to keep the resident mink from messing up the boat. Read the full article

Cottage Gardening Guide

22 Mar 2011

cottage gardening ideas

With a freedom that goes far beyond the restrictions of the city, we can design the cottage garden any way we like! Read the full article

Dock Maintenance

21 Mar 2011

The dock may be the most important investment at the cottage. Dock maintenance and repairs are often ignored, but they must be done to keep the dock safe, sturdy and looking great. Read the full article

Deck Maintenance

20 Mar 2011

The deck is a high-traffic area at many cottages. Proper maintenance keeps it in good shape and looking great. Read the full article

Clothes at the Cottage

20 Mar 2011

Cottage Clothing
Wearing the proper clothing is essential for enjoying time at a cabin. Here is a list of the all-weather gear and bug-proof clothes you need. Read the full article