Tips for Renting a Cottage

11 Apr 2011

Finding and renting the ideal cottage can be a stressful experience for first-time renters. Here are the main questions cabin renters need to ask a cottage owner. Read the full article

Pets at the Cottage

5 Apr 2011

Taking the family pet to the cottage requires some planning and extra precautions. The area around a cabin can be a dangerous place for a cat or dog. Read the full article

Being a Good Cottage Guest

3 Apr 2011

Everyone enjoys being asked to spend a weekend at a cottage, but many people don’t know how to be good cottage guests.  The following considerations will help you impress your hosts, and ensure that your invitation gets repeated. Read the full article

Being a Cottage Neighbour

23 Mar 2011

Unless the cabin is in a remote location, getting along with the neighbour at the lake is essential for enjoying the summer. Read the full article