Ice Fishing Tips and Techniques for Beginners

2 Jan 2012

Learning how to catch fish through the ice is easy. Here are the top beginner ice fishing strategies for catching perch, crappie, walleyes, whitefish, pike and trout. Read the full article

Ice Fishing Equipment Tips

2 Jan 2012

Ice Fishing Equipment
A budget-friendly rod and reel or tip-up and some basic equipment is all the beginner gear you need. Here is a list of the best tackle to get you started ice fishing this winter. Read the full article

Beginner Fishing Tips

17 Oct 2011

Whether fishing from the shore, boat, or dock there are a few tips to help get the new cottage angler off to a safe and positive start. Read the full article

Live Bait

24 Mar 2011

Using live bait is the method of choice for most anglers looking to catch their favourite fish for an afternoon shore lunch or evening dinner. Read the full article

Fishing Knots

24 Mar 2011

Tying the proper fishing knot may be the most important step when preparing to catch a trophy fish. Read the full article

Sunfish Fishing Gear

24 Mar 2011

Plentiful and easy to catch, sunfish are ideal for introducing children to the joys of fishing. There is no better way to get a kid hooked on the sport. Read the full article

Perch Fishing

24 Mar 2011

big jumbo perch

Fishing for perch can be a fun activity for the entire family at the cottage. Jumbo perch are not only easy to catch, they also provide a wonderful cabin meal. Read the full article

Muskie Fishing Techniques

24 Mar 2011

large muskie

Catching a muskie requires using the right gear, finding the top locations, and learning the best techniques. Read the full article

Crappie Fishing

24 Mar 2011

There’s nothing crappy about catching a crappie.  Many anglers consider this to be the finest tasting freshwater fish. Read the full article

Catfish Fishing

24 Mar 2011

Catfish may be ugly, but any angler that has battled with a big channel cat will attest that catfish beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder. Read the full article