Outhouse Maintenance

22 May 2012

Cabin outhouse maintenance

For a traditional cabin owner, the outhouse is the most important room at the cottage. Regular service and maintenance is the key to keeping it clean and family-friendly. Read the full article

Composting Toilets

1 Apr 2011

A composting toilet might be the best upgrade you make at the cottage this year. In Canada and the U.S. cabin owners love their outhouses but everyone hates to clean them out. Here are some tips to help you decided on the best composting toilet for your cabin. Read the full article

Composting Guide

20 Mar 2011

For most people the words cottage and compost don’t go together.  The risk of attracting bears and other unwanted visitors is too great.  For others, the benefit of reducing the amount of waste to be taken to the dump is worth the chance of possible wildlife encounters.  Read the full article