Preventing cottage break-ins

28 Oct 2013

Note to Thieves - Cottage Break-in

Break-ins are on the rise in a number of cottage communities across Canada and in the United States. Read the full article

Wood Stove Guide

20 Sep 2011

Cottage Wood Stove

Proper maintenance, balanced air flow, and the use of quality wood will ensure the wood stove at the cottage works efficiently and safely. Read the full article

Mice in the Cabin

18 Sep 2011

Getting rid of mice in the cottage can be a stressful event. Keeping them from entering in the first place is another battle altogether. Read the full article

Cabin Furniture Ideas

22 Mar 2011

Good cottage furniture is durable, stylish and easy to clean. Whether you are planning to buy everything new or simply wish to upgrade the existing cabin furniture, we have a few budget-friendly suggestions. Read the full article

Cabin Decorating Ideas

20 Mar 2011

Decorating the cottage may be the most enjoyable part of having a house on a lake.
Here are some unique ideas that will help you spruce up the old cabin without spending too much money. Read the full article