Forest Tent Caterpillar Facts

9 Jun 2017

forest tent caterpillars eating tree leaves
The forest tent caterpillar (FTC) is a native insect that feeds on the leaves of various hardwood trees including aspen, birch, basswood and oak. Read the full article

Living With Forest Tent Caterpillars

31 May 2016

forest tent caterpillars on aspen tree
Forest Tent Caterpillars appear in massive outbreaks every 8-12 years and the infestations can run for two or three seasons. Read the full article

Facts about carpenter ants

24 Jun 2014

Carpenter Ant at Cottage
Carpenter ants are a common site at the cabin. Unfortunately, an infestation can ruin the entire building. Here are some top tips on ways to control and get rid of carpenter ants at the cottage. Read the full article

How to get rid of mosquitoes

23 Jun 2014

Mosquito numbers in the yard can be controlled and bites can be avoided by following a few simple tricks at the cabin. Read the full article

How To Pick Blueberries

28 Jul 2013

how to pick blueberries in Canada

Whether you are a cabin owner, renter or guest, the best technique to pick blueberries is one that allows you to do it in an efficient and safe way. Here is how you can maximize your berries, minimize bug bites and avoid bears. Read the full article

Ticks and Lyme Disease

22 Jun 2013

The blacklegged tick (ixodes scapularis), also known as a deer tick, is expanding its range and can carry and transmit Lyme disease as well as a number of other ailments. Read the full article

Bats in the Cabin

29 Oct 2011

Brown Bat in the Cottage

Do you have bats in your cottage?
Bats around the cabin are useful for controlling insects, but they become a big problem when they decide to move into the cottage. Read the full article

Bears Around the Cottage

8 Oct 2011

Prevention is the key to avoiding a showdown with a bear at the cabin or cottage. Read the full article

Firewood Size and Storage

29 Mar 2011

What is the best firewood for a wood stove?
Burning high quality firewood in the wood stove keeps the family warm and extends the life of the chimney stack. Read the full article

Insects and Bugs

23 Mar 2011

Carpenter Ant at the Cottage
Do you have problems with insects and bugs at the cottage?
Carpenter ants, mosquitoes, flies, ticks and spiders are unavoidable at the cottage, but there are ways to keep them under control. Read the full article