Closing Tip: How to Winterize the Outdoor Equipment

15 Sep 2020

lawnmower maintenance

The cottage lawnmower, chainsaw, trimmer and other maintenance equipment often get neglected during the rush to close the cottage for the winter. Read the full article

Closing Tip: How to Drain the Hot Water Tank

11 Sep 2020

cottage water tank

Draining the cottage hot water tank is an essential step when closing the cabin for the winter. Winterizing the water heater properly will help avoid a nasty surprise when you open the cottage next spring. Read the full article

Removing Moss from The Roof

26 May 2018

how to remove moss on roof

Is moss growing on your cottage roof? Here are a few tips to remove the moss from the shingles, and some useful tricks to help keep roof moss from coming back. Read the full article

How to sharpen a knife

7 Feb 2018

Knowing how to sharpen a pocket knife, fillet knife, or kitchen knife is an important skill to have at the cabin. Here are the knife-sharpening basics to get you started. Read the full article

Chainsaw Maintenance

22 Jan 2018

Chainsaw and Safety Gear
Knowing how to operate and maintain a chainsaw is critical for cabin and cottage owners. Wearing the proper safety gear, using the chainsaw correctly and conducting regular maintenance will ensure the chainsaw serves its purpose in a safe and efficient way. Read the full article

Marine Battery Tips

23 Nov 2017

Preparing the cottage boat batteries for winter storage is an important part of the cottage closing process. Read the full article

How to clean a spark plug

19 Jan 2017

When the boat motor, lawn mower, chainsaw, or weed whacker won’t start, the problem could be a dirty spark plug.

Here’s a quick fix to get you back on track. Read the full article

Lawn Mower Maintenance

22 Jan 2012

lawn mower maintenance
Lawn mowers keep the cottage property looking great. Proper maintenance will ensure they are reliable and last a long time. Read the full article

Staining Siding and Decks

21 Sep 2011

Staining The Cottage

Staining the cottage is not a popular chore, but protecting the siding and deck from the elements is an important part of cabin maintenance. Read the full article

Cottage Opening Checklist

17 Apr 2011

cottage opening checklistOpening up the cottage in the spring is an exciting and sometimes stressful task. Here are some good checklists to help you open up the cabin this year. Read the full article