How to Avoid Food Poisoning

7 May 2013

Food poisoning can ruin a cottage weekend. Fortunately, it is easily prevented when we follow a few simple steps. Read the full article

Cooking On The BBQ

7 May 2013

The weekend BBQ at the cottage is a wonderful summer tradition. Here are some tips for beginners to make sure the meal turns out great every time. Read the full article

Planning Cottage Meals

22 Mar 2011

walleye filletPlanning for cottage meals is no easy task. With a bit of forethought we can reduce garbage, save space, and keep budgets under control. Read the full article

BBQ Maintenance

19 Mar 2011

BBQ maintenance guide.
Few things are more enjoyable than a BBQ at the cottage. Here are some simple maintenance and troubleshooting tips. Read the full article