Boat Motor Sank: Now What?

20 Jul 2021

2-cycle boat motor
When the outboard motor gets fully submerged people often think the boat engine is ruined. That’s not necessarily the case. In fact, a few simple tricks can get your outboard motor running again after it sinks to the bottom of the lake. Read the full article

Boat Motor Won’t Start: Top Tips to Find out Why and Fix the Problem

30 Oct 2020

boat motor won't start

What do you do when the boat motor won’t start?

Boat motors have a lot of parts but there are a few simple things to check when trouble first arises.  Most of the time you can solve a basic issue yourself and avoid the inconvenience and expenses of taking the motor to a repair shop. Read the full article

10 Steps to Winterize the Boat Motor

29 Oct 2020

how to winterize a boat motor

Winterizing the boat motor is easy and shouldn’t take much time. In addition, proper boat motor maintenance in the fall will make sure the boat engine is ready to go first thing in the spring. Read the full article

Boat Trailer Checklist: 10 Essential Tips to Avoid Trailer Trouble

13 Oct 2020

Boat Trailer checklist

The boat trailer spends most of its life sitting in a field or stuck beside the house. Working through a quick checklist ensures the trailer is in good condition before we need to hit the road. Read the full article

Boat Trailer Maintenance

19 Jan 2018

Boat Trailer
Often overlooked or completely forgotten, the boat trailer serves an important role in your seasonal trips to the cabin.  Keeping it well maintained is a must.  Read the full article

How to winterize a boat

23 Nov 2017

Winterizing a boat.
Here is a checklist to help ensure the cottage boat is properly prepared for the winter and is ready to go in the spring. Read the full article

How to Protect Dock Lines

13 Sep 2017

boat rope protector

Boat rope often frays after long periods of rubbing against the side of the boat or the cleats. Here’s a simple trick to protect the dock line from breaking. Read the full article

How to get stains out of the boat

17 Jun 2014

Boat carpet cleaning kit.

Coffee, fish blood, mink poop, and bird droppings all find their way onto the boat carpet. Here are the top tips to get stains out of the carpet on the cottage boat. Read the full article

How to install a boat seat

3 Jun 2014

Placing a seat in the old fishing boat can be done in a budget-friendly way. This boat seat installation was done in a sixteen-foot Lund. Read the full article

Boat Motor Gas to Oil Ratios

19 Jan 2013

Here is an easy way to quickly calculate how much two-stroke boat motor oil you need to put in the gas tank whether you are in Canada or the U.S. Read the full article