Boat Buying Advice

29 Jan 2012

Buying a used boat, motor, and trailer requires extensive research and some careful planning. While most sellers are honest, it is important to protect yourself and ensure the transaction goes smoothly. Read the full article

Boat Motor Positioning

11 Dec 2011

Running the cottage boat motor at the correct angle saves you time and money. Read the full article

Boat Docking

7 Dec 2011

Boat docking requires skills that take a long time to develop. Even the most seasoned skippers have problems once in a while. Read the full article

Nautical Alphabet

5 Dec 2011

When making marine radio transmissions on the lake, the following phonetic alphabet is the accepted standard. Read the full article

Canoe Paddling

4 Dec 2011

Paddling a canoe around the lake is becoming a forgotten pleasure and a lost art at the cottage.
Here are the basics you need to rediscover the joys of canoeing at the cabin. Read the full article

Pets at the Cottage

5 Apr 2011

Taking the family pet to the cottage requires some planning and extra precautions. The area around a cabin can be a dangerous place for a cat or dog. Read the full article

Boat Maintenance in Spring

27 Mar 2011

Basic maintenance in the spring ensures a problem-free boating season.
A boat-maintenance checklist is a good start to keeping the boats clean and in good condition. Read the full article

Boating Safety

19 Mar 2011

Boating safety at the cottage is all about common sense and proper precaution. Here are some tips to make the boat ride safe for everyone. Read the full article

Boat Motor Maintenance

19 Mar 2011

Maintenance of the boat motor is essential for keeping its operation safe and reliable. Read the full article